Let’s be honest, when you’re heading out for a run you want to feel light, tight and free.

You don’t want to be picking your tights up from the pavement at the first turn or constantly pulling that top down over your stomach and most of all you want to be confident to run fast without your boobs ending up by your waistline because they weren’t secured well enough.

Well we’re really lucky these days, with such a huge range of clever kit at our finger tips – it makes running more enjoyable and takes all the excuses away.

Our favourites from Lululemon

Run: Swiftly Racerback

This tank builds the base of our running wardrobe. You’ll find us both wearing it whether we’re training or suiting up on race day. The lightweight fabric is gives that “barely there” feel and with the little give around the waistline it’s so comfy. Paired with the Speed Short in summer you are ready to take on anything.

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve *Crew

The long sleeve version of the tank, we live in this top. It’s remarkable how this really is an all year rounder. In winter match with your gloves and long tights; we love the thumb holes. In summer pair with the Speed Short for those early morning runs when the suns not quite up yet. As with the tank there’s a huge range of colours to choose from.

Run: Speed Short

We’ve lost count of how many pairs of these we own, they are lightweight, well fitted, with flat seams and a ridiculously comfortable waistband.

There are two lengths to choose from:

Run Times Short

Pictured left, these are Bec’s preference, they’re a little longer in the seam.

Run: Speed Short

Pictured right, these are Gabby’s pick, being a little shorter in the seam with a split side.

These are just a couple of the staples that never leave our kit bag. Check out our other gear reviews.

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