Do you really need all that fancy gear to go trail running?

Well the answer is not always clear, it depends on distance, terrain, weather conditions and individual experience.

It’s important to remember a couple of things:

  • Trails can be much harder than running on the road i.e 10k can feel like 17k.
  • Always apply common sense, if you’re venturing out in the height of summer, pack a snake bandage (oh and Google how to apply it).
  • You will most likely need to carry all your own nutrition and hydration – Not many corner stores in the wild.

Here’s a rough idea of how we roll:

For anything under 15km

So for a trail run this is still short enough for us to run without hydration or nutrition. Obviously depending on the time of year and weather conditions we may pack a snake bandage or cold weather gear.

15 -26km

Sure you could go for a 22km run in the wild and not die without nutrition but we’re all about enjoying every last step…… So if we’re heading out on a Sunday long run we pack:

1 -2 gels (see What the Goo!)

500 ml water or very weak electrolyte

A hydration belt will do here

27 – 40km

So anywhere in this range on the trails and we’re packing enough supplies for 5+ hours.

CamelBak with at 1 – 1.5 Ltr water or weak electrolyte

4 – 8 Gels

Some real food – banana or muesli bar

Packed in the CamelBak or Salomon hydration vest (we’re yet to road test this)

Seasons matter

In summer you’ll find us carrying a snake bandage, sunscreen, phone and or camera.

In winter it’s wet weather gear, leech repellent (you’ll soon find out how much we hate leeches), phone and or camera.

Under Foot

If you’re planning on making a habit of venturing into the wild do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of trail shoes. We both love the Salomon SpeedCross 3. Not only are they super comfy but the grippy sole and excellent support make them hard to beat.

We haven’t tried Hokas yet but they’re on the list.

Most of all, have fun running in the wild. We hope to see you out there.

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