We had an interesting conversation the other night that was both highly emotional and incredibly satisfying.

Bec called me as she was feeling unmotivated and generally flat. After a few big weeks – new job, change in routines it was no surprise to me that there was some uncertainty and lack of clarity in her mood. After we’d been talking for a bit it occurred to us. Bec was currently running blind… without a significant running goal. Ross Marathons was over 2 months ago and Bec had been training hard for that with a real focus on her plan and achievements along the way.

I have NYC coming up and it’s near consuming my life but that’s how we like things. Bec and I both thrive on this obsessing over running goals and seeing them though with determination and pride. Its the perfect compliment to our busy lives being mums and working full time work and we genuinely believe we’re better people (especially to our partners) when we’re eyeball deep in our goals.

The conversation was so full of energy and exhilaration – the sort that comes with this kind of revelation chucked in with two passionate sisters.

The real standout was that we acknowledged just how lucky we are to be able to stop and recognise when things aren’t 100% and even luckier to have each other to lean on for motivational support. Because when it comes down to it, self awareness and the ability to test your own vulnerabilities is vital in becoming a better person. And we all want that right!

Toward the end of conversation we’d identified some really valuable things:

1.Goals are fundamentally key to a healthy mood – just talking about them out loud helps instantly.

2.It’s so important to acknowledge when things aren’t 100% and to talk about it.

3.Always have your next goal in mind – Picking an event/running goal about 6 months away and planning milestones along the way is a great way to stay focused and driven.

One of our favourite quotes at the moment…

“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” ~ Scott Reed