It’s dark in Tassie during winter.  Sunrise doesn’t happen until after 7:30am and disappears as early as 4:30pm around the shortest day (ugh – break out the Vitamin D!), so unless you luxuriate in a late start to work, morning runs begin, and end, in the dark!

Being aware of yourself and surroundings is ridiculously important and staying in well-lit areas is vital.  Unfortunately this does mean spending a lot of time wearing out the same piece of well-lit, vegetation-free road if you’re out on your own – and happen to be slightly neurotic – exaggerating the possibilities of EVERY other person’s motives along the way.


So it was time for a head torch.  Gabby has been running with one for months now, so I had to try it too.

If you’re keen on stats and specs, here’s the quick low-down:

Perfect Image Rechargeable 140 lumens Head torch.

  • High powered XPG CREE R5 LE
  • output up to 140 lumens
  • Up to 5 hours
  • Up to 60m beam
  • 1.5m impact resistance
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable head strap / headlight
  • Multi function light output modes
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB charger


As far as running goes, this baby is light-weight (around 75g including the strap) and didn’t move an inch during my 50 minute run.  I opted to put it over the top of my headband – just in case it left some dents…and it was very comfortable.

And the experience?

The morning was clear and about 2 degrees in temperature.  I stepped out the door and exhaled.  My breath appeared in front of me momentarily in a little white cloud illuminated by this little headlight.  I looked around and could see the heavy dew glistening on the grass…it was almost magical!

It took precisely zero seconds for this to feel natural.  The beam was steady (clearly I don’t throw my head around too much when I run) and I could see.  I felt my footfalls were more assured with heightened depth perception and land mines (dog poos) were easily spotted before stepping in them!

I ran a route that is a regular for me during the summer, but definitely less traveled in the winter and relished the change of scenery (only occasionally glancing around me JUST in case).  The sky lightened just enough to see the waves gently break along side me and I realised I should have got a head torch a long time ago.

So if you’re tempted, then this very reasonably-priced number is a valuable addition to your running kit.  You’ll never look back!….well, you will, but you’ll be able to clearly see when you do.

Happy running!