Welcome to first class. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

After the first run in the new Saucony Triumph ISO 2 wheels I thought I might be in trouble but three weeks later I know I’m on to a winner.

It’s been a while since I’ve changed shoe brand and I have to say it scares me a little. With the NYC Marathon in just 6 weeks I decided to go for something with a little more cushioning while retaining the lightweight and flexible feel I’m used to. After hours of research I decided to give Saucony a shot and headed into The Running Edge for a test run.

The first attempt was an 8km easy and while the cushioning was luxurious it felt a little over the top. After the second run I started to get a niggle in my achilles so I decided to leave them at home for my long run on Sunday. These “teething problems” started to fade after the next few runs (which were short) and the following Sunday I took them out for their first big hit….32km. After 3 weeks of gently introducing them into my routine I can safely say “I’m so glad I gave them a go.”

What we love about them….

First and foremost the comfort of the inner sole stands out as you take your first couple of steps. It’s a far lighter shoe than it appears so you’re pleasantly surprised with the springiness and feeling of freedom underfoot.

The lacing is well placed and provides a secure fit across the upper which is actually quite snug and almost gives a sock feel.

The real winner for me is the consistent ride, I’m putting a lot of kms into these babies and they provide a clean, cushy experience right from the 1st km to the 40th. I’m really confident I’ve chosen the right shoe to take from PB to PB and marathon to marathon.

What we’d change about them….

Well there certainly isn’t anything I’d change at this point except maybe the colour. There isn’t a day you’ll find me wearing pink and purple but it was either that or grey.

The final word….

Would I buy these again? Definitely. I was looking for a pair of shoes that would go the marathon distance with me time and time again and I know these were the right choice. I’ll be reviewing them again at 300km so stay tuned.

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