Being totally hooked on running is not an unusual thing.  Once a person gets their first ‘high’ – finishing their run glowing, skin tingling, breathless, ready to smash the day – it’s what keeps you lacing up and heading out again and again and again.  

But what about when you have to take a break?  

Training consistently all year round works for us.  In our 30s, it doesn’t pay for us to take extended breaks from training with the view to picking it all up again in a couple of months – it would make it harder each time to regain speed and strength – and besides, we wouldn’t want to!

However, we live in the real world.  Winter brings about some nasty colds and viruses and occasionally we get sideswiped and that break from running is forced upon us.  

It’s not easy, but here are our tips on getting through without running:

  • Don’t run.  Just don’t.  Your body is screaming for rest so indulge it, as hard as that may be. It will pay off with the illness sticking around for a lot less time.
  • Hydrate!! Drink water in abundance. 
  • Get knowledge – stock up on running magazines, trawl through running blogs, (read over old Runphoria stories) – just don’t Google your symptoms!
  • Use your down time to set new running goals and plan new running routes
  • See the good in this – the week off due to illness may also rest that aggravated tendon or muscle or dissolve that niggling injury
  • Eat super clean – lots of fresh produce and whole foods.  This plus water equals speedier recovery
  • Assess your current running kit situation – and shop for more.  You always need more….
  • If you are up and about but not ready for running yet, try volunteering for your local running club or Parkrun.  You’ll meet other runners and the good feeling you get will no doubt boost the immune system further.
  • Play with juices and smoothies.  Try cramming as much goodness in as you can
  • When you’re ready to get back out there, take it slow.  Test the waters and listen to your body

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