There’s a lot more to the humble sock than you might think

The very first time I lost toe nail(s) from running was ironically when the choice was made to buy $45 socks we thought were going to make us run faster than we ever had before.  Unfortunately they were paired with the wrong shoe and well it look a good 6 months before I even considered painting our toe nails again.

So you get the picture socks are important. Here are a few of our favourites and why….

Steigen Run Socks 1/4 length

These babies are incredibly like wearing nothing at all, a second skin if you like. The thin fabric creates a friction free environment for the foot to move freely without any slipping in the shoe.


Lululemon Speed Sock

We love the Speed Sock in it’s entirety. With the tight, secure fit you get a feeling of comfort and ability to take off without any slipping around in the shoe.

Our favourite bit, the quirky motivational messages sewn into the ankles. Check em out.



Coming in Long Range, Training and Race versions, these light-weight pairs do not disappoint in comfort, protection and that compression we’ve come to expect and love from 2XU.

Whichever type you choose, expect a firm hug for your feet, but a barely-there feeling in your shoe.

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