Taking in nutrition while running can be a touchy subject

If you’ve ever used gels you will know it’s worth doing your research so you don’t get any surprises come race day.

There are so many on the market sometimes it’s a marathon just navigating the selection.

Here are a couple of our favourites and why:

#1 Wiggle Nutrition Energy Gels

We love these because they’re small and almost in liquid form makes them really easy to consume. (I dunno know about you but I don’t fancy chewing on an old boot mid race)

They come in simple flavours and the price tag is very attractive, just over $1 each when bought in a box of 20.

#2 Hammer Nutrition Gels

We love how easily digested these are and the all natural ingredients means no nasty blood sugar spikes.

While the consistency is a bit thicker than the wiggle range if held in the hand for a few minutes prior to consuming they become soft and ready to squeeze.

They also come in a double espresso flavour which I (literally) keep in my back pocket and find particularly helpful at the 14-16km mark of a half marathon.

#3 GU Energy Gels

These little sachets really pack a punch in terms of energy. Be sure to follow the instructions particularly how much to hydrate to avoid tummy upset.

They come in a huge variety of flavours for those who like something left of field, and have a number of caffeinated option for those times you need a little pick me up.

#4 Shotz Energy Gels

We find these little powerhouses of energy to be kind to the stomach and easy to get down…once they’re warmed up.

There is a wide variety of flavours, (although some of the fruity combinations are questionable), and a choice of with or without caffeine. Cappucino flavour with 80mg of caffeine is a definite favourite.


The down low…

Don’t try anything new on race day, there’s nothing worse than having to sit one out because a certain ingredient doesn’t agree with you.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate; your stomach will thank you for it.

Finally, always follow the recommended dose and instructions, if you leave it too long to take another gel while on a long run it can be the difference between keeping your head in the right place and completely falling apart because you’re undernourished.

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