Believe it or not, skin is waterproof

It’s no surprise that the weather can be epic in Tasmania. Even though your weather app might tell you there’s showers on the way, by the time the weather arrives, it might be gale-force winds and torrential rain. Not generally conditions that would see us eagerly lacing up our shoes. But we aren’t about to sit the week out of training either.

So, here are some of our tips for getting out there and dealing with the rain and wind.

Ensure your gear is good

You are going to get wet, but stay warm in a lightweight semi-waterproof outer layer.

Pack a peak

A cap or visor may seem useless in this weather, but it can provide welcome protection from driving rain on the face and in the eyes…and if you’ve ventured out in makeup, be prepared to arrive home looking like a member of KISS!

Map out a route

Take advantage of the wind – head in a direction where you get a tailwind home. Those last couple of kms with the wind at your back will be quick and feel great – and you’ll have forgotten all about the headwind you battled at the beginning of the run.

Put away the PR’s

This is probably not a day to push for a record – be prepared to be a little slower than normal, what with headwinds, soggy shoes and taking corners safely. At least you’re out there and as the saying goes, “you’re lapping everyone on the couch”.

Remember it is not forever

The satisfaction you’ll feel when you’ve smashed out a run, despite what nature is throwing at you, will far outweigh the temporary discomfort of wet clothes.

Get Dry

Hang out your gear when you get home – especially your shoes. These are your tools of the trade, your racing treads – treat them with respect. Get them stuffed with newspaper and in front of a heater – stat!


Finally, pat yourself on the back! It takes guts to get out there when most wouldn’t. And who knows, that may be your mental edge come the next race!

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