We are sisters who run, for the love of it

Our passion has grown from jogging a couple of times a week, to now wanting to push ourselves and see what we can be.

We grew up in the highlands of Tasmania, spoilt with fresh air, wide open spaces and a euphoric freedom that we get to revisit now as adults on a daily basis – through running.

We both still live in Tasmania, at opposite ends of this beautiful island state where opportunities to run are endless.  Small cities mean getting out into the countryside is quick and easy.  Amazing running calendars of trails, fun runs and local clubs keep us on our training toes.

We are considered average pace, but thrive on the challenge of training to race ourselves in as many varied events as possible.  Our closely-matched pace provides us with a unique opportunity to race alongside each other in many events – while our similar features cause the odd double take from time to time!

Our loves are our partners and children – the best support crews ever!

Healthy, happy, balanced lives is how we go about things and Runphoria is all about sharing our joy of all aspects of running with you.


My Motivation:

I’m extremely competitive, with myself. I never get tired of striving for bigger, better, fast, stronger and this is the perfect marriage for my undeniable obsession with running. I love to challenge myself and be challenged by others and I do everything in my power to exceed my own expectations.

Choice run:

So it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me…Trail running is where my heart lies. I love running free through the wilderness without a care in the world. It’s when I’m here that I find the true joy of running and really appreciate the sport in its entirety.

Favourite distance:

I’d have to say it’s the half marathon… It’s short enough to still push the limits but long enough to have a plan and enjoy the different stages.


5K | 19:19 | Launceston Park Run

10k | 40:42 | Launceston 10

21.1k | 1:39:09 | Cadbury Marathons

42.2k | 4:02:04 | Ross Marathons

64k 6:49:20 Bruny Island Ultra


My Motivation

As soon as I realised how meditative and comforting my own head space was during a run, at a time when I needed it most, I was hooked.  I was neither running fast or training hard, I simply pulled on my shoes and headed out most days, just to feel that escape.

Over time though, as a newfound respect for my body’s running capabilities came about, a question started to form in my head along the lines of “I wonder just how far I can push it?  How far/fast can I actually go?”, and I respond daily with “lets go and see…!”

Choice run:

As with Gabby, it’s not a secret that I am most relaxed and at home on the trails.  A lot of our childhood was spent climbing up mountains and running down them at breakneck speeds – and when Gabby and I get together on trails, this is apparent!  Those who run with us remark on our laughing, chatting, and pure enjoyment!

My favourite road distance:

The road distance I have run the most often is 10km – however, my favourite is the half marathon.  To me, 21.1km is the perfect distance to truly challenge yourself with pace, fueling and that mental edge.


5K | 19:59 | Devonport ParkRun | May 2016

10K | 41:45 | Launceston 10 | June 2016

21.1K | 1:39:16 | Cadbury Marathons | January 2016

42.2K | 4:20:00 | Cadbury Marathons | January 2015