Woooooo what a cracker of a race today. Made even better with the livestream on Facebook that I’ve just watched from my Epsom salts bath!

It started off well with a record number of Sole Mates snuggling up for the group photo. Compete with a massive representation of Run Funners in their costumes.

It was awesome to watch the Elite women’s field head off at 7:25:47. Such athleticism never fails to amaze me 💪

I guzzled a gel with five minutes to go, trying something new this year with no coffee pre run 🤷‍♀️. I’m noticeably missing Bec being here this year with a big whole next to me in starting line. Teddy and Di are close by at the start line and we edge our way to the front first rows..

Gunshot and we’re off!

I keep close to the left (thanks Teddy) and quickly hit a swift pace, I know this Run well and it’s key to get a few snazzy splits under your belt before you hit the climbs.. aka Rosny Hill 🙄. I feel a slight twinge in my right hammy but quickly decide to but that to bed… no excuses today head.. just hard running 🤞

The Elite men are setting a cracking pace and it’s awesome to watch them wind up and around the first bend.

I pump it hard up the first rise and then push hard down the other side. 1st under my belt in 3:50, ahead of last year already I plan to keep it this way. Weaving down along the Bellerive foreshore lots of familiar faces trickle past me and it’s great to let out a little cheer..

2nd km down in 3:54 and I’m thanking the weather gods for such perfect running conditions. Overcast, calm and about 14 degrees 👌

We come up around Kangaroo bay and surprisingly aren’t guided around the roundabout 🤔 I wonder if this is an oversight or intentional but I follow the masses and head along the straight getting my head ready for ‘that’ hill.

I’ve been chirping during the week (🤣 Jarrod) about how Rosny Hill used to seem so hard but really it’s nothing…. Well I’m not convinced today as I pitter latter my way up the gentle but very apparent climb. Checking my watch (probably way too much) I’m still under 5:00/km as I finally reach the top and then I just let go…

I can’t wait to see the 5km starters at the bridge.. Poppy is making her 5km debut with Jill, Naomi, Lachie, Charlie and Toby so I’m hoping I catch them before they have to line up.

As I push down the hill toward the bridge I’m doing 3:45/km and sitting on 4:12/km average… I need to average 4:09/km to Pb today so it’s very very tight.

There’s a huge crowd at the 5km start and I hear Naomi yell my name…. scanning the crowd like a crazy person I see them.. Poppy screams ‘Go Mum’ and it’s truely all I need to get me racing as hard as I can up that bridge.

I push hard to the top and then really let go down the other side. I remind myself this is no picnic and it’s certainly not supposed to feel good. I challenge my self to hit 3:40s down to the bottom and I get it right toward the end 🎉

As we swing under the overpass I check my average; 4:11/km. With a hill up ahead then mostly flat to finish it will be very very close but maybe not a PB today 🤷‍♀️🤔

Keeping my cadence high and focusing on focussing 🤣🤣 I make it to the top of Government House hill out of breath and tracking right on 4:11/km. This is where I start to make a deal with myself.. 🤣 sure you wanna stop and give yourself a break, I mean you’ve almost run 7km and you deserve a rest… no way.. calm down Gabby and don’t even think about it.. you don’t need a rest just stop thinking and run… RUN!!!!

The 3km sign is up ahead and after a quick thanks to the drink station volunteers (though I didn’t have time to stop for a 🥤) I think, 3km left, this is 3 opportunities to lower that average… if I can just keep my pace below 4:07/km from here I have a chance to PB.

I kick my heels up as I push hard down the hill… last down hill before a couple of flat kms.

As we wind through Hunter St there are familiar faces around me, not friends but people I’ve been seeing momentarily for the last few kms. We encourage each other through the turns and past Elizabeth St pier.

So close now, but there is that sneaky rise up past the CSIRO to come. I let my shoulders drop and just try to relax, keeping it consistent from here is achievable, I think 🤓

I race past the finish line and there’s Toby and Max cheering. This gives me another much needed boost as I hit the 9km mark averaging 4:09/km.

It’s never easy having the pass the finish line knowing the crowds will drown out and the quiet will creep in for that last climb up toward the 9.5/km mark. As I push past I see Teddy on the opposite side and yell what I can in breathless encouragement… I decide not to do that again until I’m finished as I gasp in and steady my breathing again (to an extent 🤣)

That 500m turn can’t come soon enough and I love seeing the familiar faces of Tasmanian Road Runners cheering us up the hill and around the turn.

This is it… push hard and leave nothing in the tank 😁 arms pumping and legs screaming I throw myself down the hill and grimace my way to the finish line…. 41:34 a 15sec PB 🎉🤩 and another brilliant event under my belt.

Grabbing a medal it’s great to see Toby and Max for hugs and kisses.. I’ve learnt one thing today.. I’m won’t shy away from attempting to crack 40mins sometime in the future. Running today after a lot of time off, I thought I’d lost more fitness than I had 😃

There are so many people to cheer on coming across the finish line so I just spend some time in the finishers chute soaking up the vibe. It’s so amazing to see heaps of people representing Runphoria in their snazzy kit. ❤️

Grabbing some watermelon and drinks we wait for our little munchkin to come around the bend. The 5kers started at 8am so she shouldn’t be too far off. I can’t wait to see her donning her Runphoria kit..

I see her, running with Batgirl (aka Elaine) and she’s looking strong if not a little red and tired.. I quickly jump in and take her side..feeling for her as I know what’s up ahead.

We see heaps of the Fun Runners (and Nun Runners) and Pops tells me how she ran with them for a while. I stay with her until after the turn and leave her to lap up the finishing sprint. I’m such a sook.. letting a tear escape just seeing her run 🙄🤦‍♀️😍

There’s all of a sudden thousands of people in the chute and not enough medals being handed out. Maybe they didn’t anticipate the bulk finish of runners. I quickly jump in to help out, grabbing handfuls of medals. It’s so nice to say congratulations to everyone as I give them their medal and I love being able to be a part of their race in some way… I’m definitely volunteering for that next time.

It’s always such a great race village here and there’s heaps to chat about with fellow runners as we get stuck into some coffee. After a chat with Darlene about upcoming events it hits me we’ve got a busy period coming up,TrailFest next weekend and then Gone Nuts!

Can’t wait for all of them 😌

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