The countdown is on.  Saturday 3rd December is team Runphoria’s debut at Bruny Island Ultra.

This annual event can be completed as a team or individual and takes in the full length of Bruny Island from north to south – all 64km of it.

Runphoria has visited Bruny before (see our review Endorfun in the Sun), and are very excited to be travelling once again to this picturesque piece of paradise located just 3km off the coast of South East Tasmania.

The race starts out at the northern end at Dennes Point and travels through farmland, past small localities selling fresh local seafood, cheeses, chocolates, wines…and that’s just in the first half!  It could prove a bit challenging to stay focussed!

We will be racing on both bitumen and gravel roads with significant undulations – particularly in the last 10-15kms, where the course winds through a Parks Reserve finishing up at the iconic Cape Bruny lighthouse perched, seemingly, on the edge of the world.

Our race plan is a relay and our Runphoria team consists of 4 blonde forces to be reckoned with.

In addition to both of us (Gabby and Bec) we are delighted to be welcoming Kim and Naomi – two lightweights in stature, but heavyweights in climbing ability and endurance….and, most importantly, lovely people to boot.

Because we love a run and a chat, we are running the relay in twos, with one official competitor on the road and one supporting at all times.  Race rules require we make a relay change at one of the designated 2km markers, so with the relaxed pace we’ve chosen to run, we’ve broken the run into 6km legs, with one 12km leg each.

Looking to average 5mins per k, some quicker, some slower, we hope to knock this over in around 5 hours – give or take…so have nominated a start time of 7:30am with the view to getting to the lighthouse soon after the earliest allowed arrival time of 12:30pm

We’ll be posting live updates along the way, keeping you up to date with all of the action…..and giggles and likely shenanigans…whatever the day brings!

But don’t get us wrong.  This is not a walk in the park.  We will each be running a total of 34kms on the day in a unique arrangement of regular stops and starts.  We wonder whether the ability to rest and refuel mid-race will help or hinder our performance, in comparison to an all-out effort.

And speaking of all-out efforts, for Gabby, a return to this race will stir up some strong recollections.

Just 3 years ago, she earned her place in the Hall of Fame for solo female competitors having conquered this race, her first Ultra marathon, raising funds for Autism Australia.

The day was a family affair with a support crew consisting of her husband Toby, Bec and Bec’s partner Stu – all spending the day running 10k legs here and there alongside Gabby, as she powered through in her trademark style.

That kind of a race changes you forever and we will really enjoy running alongside the solo competitors this year on their journey.

Saturday will be yet another race experience to notch up, to learn from, and create memories that will stay with us for a long time.  And Runphoria can’t wait to share!!

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