At first glance this gear is minimalistic and nicely monochrome which is what first caught our eye with Linebreak.

We cottoned onto compression gear pretty early in our running careers. We wanted to bounce back and run day after day, pain free. We’ve been known to conceal tights under normal clothes when fronting up to work after a marathon but it’s only been in recent years that we’ve discovered the huge part compression plays in performance too.

Linebreak’s kit is revolutionary in its lightweight design while maintaining it’s integrity as compression apparel. Function comes before fashion in all their garments and the simple, clever design is what we love most.

What we love:


The long sleeve top and singlet have a silicone hem which is worn directly on the skin (tights over the top) and seriously doesn’t budge. Not gonna lie, it took us a few goes to realise this was the way to wear it and not over the top of lower garments. So learn from our trial and error.

One of our favourite combos, for speed work in the winter is the long sleeve top with the long tight…. and a long sleeve zip through over the top for warmth. We really noticed the difference on those high rep sessions when all the muscles are nicely supported and functioning as they should.

As mentioned before, the fabric is light enough to wear in the warmer months too.

Down Below:

There are two lengths of tights and it’s really personal choice about which you prefer. The long ones are the perfect recovery tool (we wear them all night long) but also we like a little something around the ankles in winter during training.

The 7/8ths are our fave piece… These are so versatile and we wear these on long run day, tempo and speed runs or just mooching about at the cafe.

The calf and full socks are super comfy and we love them both during training or wearing to bed after a long run. But the best part is they don’t cut in at the top, restricting circulation. We find some brands tend to do this and there’s a fine line between compression and a near death experience.

One of our favourite combos, shorts, Linebreak calf socks and Linebreak long sleeve top.

What we’d change..

Well, not much really. If we were to be really picky, it would be great to see a matt finish on the fabric in future designs.

The bottom line….

The key takeout (as fore mentioned) is the lightweight design with just the right amount of compression…. No one wants to sprain their wrist or break a finger trying to pull up their tights because they’re impossible to manoeuvre.

This product range have placed Linebreak up there with the global compression giants and the price point make it an exciting addition to the market.

We’ve found the backbone to our training to help us perform better and recover faster and it’s even sweeter as we get to share it all with you….

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Perform. Protect. Recover……. Runphoria.