The key to staying strong?

Cross training

Sure, we want to spend our days clocking up the miles, but inevitably our body cries out and we need to right the ship. For us, the balance comes in strength training.

Our Gold Coast Asics Half Marathon plan includes two days of strength training per week – Monday and Wednesday (5km easy run + strength). The 24 workouts are designed to maintain strong running form by working the whole body with a focus on Glutes, Arms and Abs.

We want to be shaking by the end of each session so if you’re not screaming by the 12th rep go heavier.

The exercises are from various instructors/online apps/fitness programs we’ve followed over the years and while a quick Google search will provide video tutorials there are some that need a little explanation.

Ultimate Lunge

– This is a two part lunge. Standing tall,  step to the right into a deep side lunge, power back up standing tall, swivel 90 degrees to the left stepping the right leg out to a forward lunge, power back to standing to finish. Complete on the opposite side.

Rotational Lunge

– Hold a dumbbell in front of stomach with both hands, lunge to the front and lower the back knee to the ground, at the same time rotate the weight around to one side finishing at the hip. Return the weight to centre as you lift out of the lunge and then step forward into the opposite leg, rotating the weight to the other side this time.

Squat and Curtsey with a pulse

– Perform a normal squat, squeeze the glutes to come up, take the right leg and cross it out behind you into a deep lunge, bring the back foot about 30cm further to the left than the front foot hence creating a curtsey motion, pulse the back knee to the ground twice before coming back into another front squat and complete on the other side.

Turkish Getup

– You’ll have to Google this one but don’t be deceived, once you practice and get the hang of it this is one of the most beneficial all body exercises you can do. Abs, Glutes and Arms will be burning. You’re welcome 🙂

Kettlebell Swing

– This is really an extension of the Deadlift. All I want you to think about is pushing your hips out behind you and then squeezing your Glutes to bring them forward again, kind of like a seesaw. If you do this the Kettlebell will automatically swing forward. This is not, I repeat not, an arm lengthening exercise and the weight doesn’t need to come any higher than your chest.

Walking Lunge with kickback

– Step one leg out into a deep lunge, as you come up extend your back leg out straight, lifting it up to the ceiling,  squeeze the Glute and hold for a second at the top then bring that leg forward to repeat on the other side. The focus is on that Glute squeeze at the top.

All the workouts are available here, grouped into weeks. If you have any questions just leave a comment and we’ll come back to you.

A quick word about fuel

Everyone has their own fuelling preferences but here’s how we do it.

Before –  BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are a brilliant way to keep your recovery time down as well as maintaining muscle hydration.

After – 24grams of Protein and more BCAAs.

It’s important to refuel within 30 mins of training to get the nutrients back into your muscles.

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